आचार्य श्री अरुण दिवाकर नाथ वाजपेयी

“२१ वी. शताब्दी का २१ वां वर्ष मंगलमय हो। ईश्वर से प्रार्थना है कि सहिष्णुता स्नेह और समर्पण कि भावना से हृदय में समेटे हुए वर्ष 2021 सबके लिए कल्याणकारी हो।” – आचार्य श्रीं। |


This website is dedicated to Prof. A. D. N. Bajpai. A person par excellence, a noble soul, a humble, religious, pious, positive person, Mr ADN Bajpai has excelled in the area of teaching in Economics. Needless to say Mr Bajpai is a prodigious speaker. There is one thread of attitude running through all his lectures, be they on any topic.
He usually begins by lingual analysis of the key work, tries to go to the root of the word itself, established parallels of that word, and then expresses all ideas that crowd his mind on that word. The key word is never lost; it occupies the key position through out the address. He is never in a hurry while speaking. Going into full details describing all the nuances, he tries to be a comprehensive, as all-encompassing, all-inclusive as possible. That is the reason why you will find a series of synonyms in his lectures.
Another notable feature of Prof Bajpai’s lectures is his inevitable turning to spiritual, religious and mythological interpretations. It seems that he just cannot do without it. If he is speaking on Research Methodology, the story of Ashtavakra will come where the legendary saint tells about hte process of making butter out of milk. If he is speaking on Translation, Banbhattaa’s creation of Kadambari will come. If he is talking about Solar Terrestrial Physics, he will talk about Hanumanji who supposedly swallowed the sun. While speaking on recent trends in Chemistry, he will mention how copper was suposedly converted into gold by ancient Indian seers. The greatest chemical achievement for his is th mythological great swirling of ocean “The Samudra Manthan” where the legendary battle between gods and demons resulted in crystal clear separation of nectar from poison. Speaking on music, he will refer to the Tandav of Shiva from where all music is mythologically supposed to have begun. Be it any topic on earth or even beyond, if Prof Bajpai is speaking, he will bring the un-mistabable Indian touch, the spiritual religious, mythological mode of thought into it.