The Spiritual ADN

Prof ADN Bajpai got his spiritual culturing from his parents Late Shri Nagendra Nath Bajpai & Late Smt Laxmi Devi Bajpai who use to visit the family Guru but his real mentor and motivation was his elder brother Shri UDN Bajpai who not only motivated and persuaded him for higher studies but also blended his life with the divinity of the Great Almighty God. It is only the untimely demise of his brother which turned him to his inner self in search of spirituality.

Prof ADN Bajpai is an original thinker, thought by study & profession he is Professor of Economics but his inner self has always motivated him to make this world a better place to live a better habitat for mankind. He always tries to blend the complexities of sciences with the calm and soberness of nature.

Famous place of pilgrimage “Nemisharan Tirth” is his birth place. In addition to that he has visited important shrines of number of religion. To name few of them are Dargah Sharif, Ajmer Sharif, Golden Temple, Naynagiri, Kundalpur, Amarkantak, Gomti Udgam, Madhaw Tanda, Pilibhit, Nanak mata etc.

Though he is a Professor of Economics he has done remarkable work on the role of Spiritualism in Academics. Some of his noted works and events are Spiritual Model of India’s development, Dharmnomics – Paper published in Indian Economic Journal, Concept of Philosophy Monograph – Published by Rewa University, Vande-Vishyudh Vigyanau – Paper in Hindi in Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan, Man Mater Money & Morality – Article in Edited Volume.

For his inner refinement and self improvement he has undergone number of processes like:

1. He did Vrat for Anna Tyag for 6 months.
2. Maun Vrat for 52 days
3. Roza for 15 days
4. In addition to this his concept of “Spirituality in Academics” is his latest Endeavour for which he has committed himself. YouTube Channel Link